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Your Emotions

Which are always on a rollercoaster

Your Relationships

Which are navigating through unique complexities

Your Career Drama

Which is a thriller movie filled with twists & turns

We make your mental health journey easier and a lot more fun!

MindFry Weekly

A session every weekend to explore the unresolved things of the society and have fun at the same time. 

Individual Therapy 

To provide support, guidance, and a safe space for self-exploration, helping you gain insight, improve mental well-being, and develop effective coping strategies for life's challenges.

Make mental health your priority 

Your mental health is like a neglected plant. It needs watering, sunshine, and a little self-care.

Nurturing Your Mind

Water your mind with self-reflection, personal growth, and emotional support

Embracing Positivity

Just as sunlight fuels plants' growth, positivity nourishes your mental well-being

Self-Care Essentials

Practicing self-compassion, stress management, mindfulness, and other essential self-care strategies

Industry Leaders Backing Us

Monika Singh MindFry Testimonial

Our mental & emotional health affects How we think , behave or act. And it is also important at every stage of life from childhood - teenhood to adulthood. 

Unaddressed mental health issue can have a negative influence & impact on people’s lives. But having a support system, community and a place to open your heart & speak, can make a huge difference. And I am really impressed how is offering a space for everyone to actually talk about it without any fear, shame or being judged. Best Wishes ❤

Monika Singh

Founder, Magical Minds Academy

Our Professionals

Travelling with you in your journey 

Radhika Sethi

Sr. Counseling Psychologist

Siddharth Sharma

Counseling Psychologist

Aditi Mishra

Counseling Psychologist

Christie Saju

Counseling Psychologist

Sonal Patel

Counseling Psychologist

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